Rhapsody Theater | Grand Opening June 16th

A storied theater begins a new life. We are magic, we are music, we are hope, we are Rhapsody. Tickets now on sale for our Grand Opening this June 16th in the heart of Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood.

Rhapsody Theater is Chicago's newest entertainment destination with an entirely new vision. From opening day on, we will bring an incredibly diverse lineup to the stage filled with star-studded acts from internationally renowned magicians, highly acclaimed chamber music, unique world music, cabaret and dance performances in our beautiful and intimate 200-seat venue.

Upcoming Performances

Lucy Darling: Indulgence

Jun 16, 2022 - Jul 16, 2022

Known across the world for her wit, her charm, and her exceptionally good hair, Lucy’s shows are a wonderful mix of playful improvisational comedy, hilarious witty writing, and impossible magical feats.

Miss Darling is an 10-time Award-Winning Entertainer featured in the Guinness Book of World Records (2014), Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2015) and the star of the Super Channel documentary Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire, which tells the true story of the struggle to create her 2016 Las Vegas magic show. In 2019 she was the recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight award and voted Stage Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle.

"A stunning display of illusions." 4/4 stars – Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews, 10/20/2019

"Stellar trickery and far more sophisticated improvisational skills." 3.5/4 stars – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune, 10/31/2019

Ross Johnson: A Funny Thing Happened Tomorrow

Jun 26, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022

Ross Johnson knows you’re skeptical about ESP. He knows you don't believe in mind reading, second sight or mental projection because, well, he can read your mind!

For more than three decades, Ross Johnson has been hailed as one of the most gifted psychic performers of our time. Mind reader, magician, clairvoyant, fortune teller, telepath, mentalist... Ross Johnson is all this and more. He is a master of intuition and has a remarkable ability to see what can’t be seen and hear what can’t be heard.

Combining elements of extrasensory perception, magic and mind over matter, Ross provides his audiences with an entertaining and highly interactive experience. Even the most hardened skeptics become believers.

"Outstanding! Our group was fascinated, intrigued, baffled, mystified and just plain entertained the entire time [he was] on stage. [Johnson] certainly possess[es] a great talent." – David C. Ambrose, General Mills, Inc.

"I'm sure you're no stranger to such comments on [this] performance as 'astounding,' 'extraordinary,' 'incredible' or even 'shocking. But [Johnson's] recent appearance at our meeting dinner was all those and more." – Jeffrey S. Garnes, FMC Corporation

1328 W. Morse Avenue | Ticketing Assistance: Tuesday-Saturday 1pm-5pm at (888) 495-9001

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